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Right Workplace


We help companies measure and improve their culture. Our proven methodology and intuitive software platform simplifies culture by translating team member feedback into a single grade. Our quarterly checkpoint survey takes team members just five minutes to complete and passing companies can achieve Right Workplace Certification to celebrate success.

Making Great Culture Accessible To All

  • A great culture doesn't have to be complicated or illusive. We'll help you measure and improve your culture with a focus on the health of core relationships at work. Our model focuses on three key areas: Faith in leadership, willingness to listen and the extent to which team members support each other. Results are presented clearly, and the process is deliberately simple for both leaders and all team members.
  • Our model has been in use since 2014 and we have helped 100s of locations tackle culture with simplicity.
  • As an arms-length third party, our secure software platform provides for complete participant anonymity.
  • Our program makes it easy for leaders to organize feedback into clear addressable themes.

Program Benefits

  • Generate ideas to improve culture, processes, products or services at your company.
  • Identify problems holding your team members back. Reduce risk of fraud, waste and litigation.
  • Simplify culture by using a simple disciplined approach to measure each quarter while reducing turnover.
  • Drive accountability at all levels by ensuring culture is evaluated consistently across the enterprise .
  • Build unity among dispersed team members through a process designed to amplify everyone's feedback .
  • Reduce the risk of negative Glassdoor reviews by providing a viable alternative to receive feedback.

Whistleblower Feature.

Right workplace makes it easier to comply with regulatory compliance reporting obligations with our built-in Whistleblower feature. This feature allows users, whether logged into our app or not, to submit pertinent issues to management for review.

Our Whistleblower feature makes it easier for management to identify and respond to key issues regarding discrimination, fraud, security, harassment and more. With an independent arms-length partner in Right Workplace, both management and team members can feel comfortable speaking up directly and frankly.



Curus has a Medical Advisory Team that is supported by physicians from a full range of medical specialties. Our Medical Advisory Team consults with our Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officer to evaluate care options for Curus Members. Healthcare decisions for each member will differ depending on needs and circumstances.

For example, the quality of medical care is excellent in most metropolitan areas of the U.S. In helping a member decide to seek medical care outside of the Members’ community, needs will always be balanced against the dislocation and the disruption that will occur. Curus looks after every member’s best interest, depending on the health care needs of the member (large or small). Curus is happy to provide healthcare options that are in network, out of network or a combination of both. Curus provides customized services for every member’s unique needs.

The philosophy of Curus is to provide our members with a series of choices to help them reach the best decisions for their healthcare needs.

We network and partner with the top hospitals and systems nationwide to find our members their customized solution.